Production department divided into two categories:

Music Technology Classes

In our time music industry depends upon the digital processing of sound. Computers have become an internal and necessary part of professional music, from composition to editing to reproduction – hence the unavoidability of a Musical Technology module.

In this module students are given the opportunity to learn basic principles of sound recording and to create and produce their own music. Students have all the electric and acoustic musical instruments owned by the School at their disposal, so as to employ them at the technological level as well.

The Department of Musical Technology offers the following modules:

Computer Music Programs / Sound Recording / Acoustics / Microphones & Sound / Consoles / Electronics/ Programming and Orchestration with MIDI and Computer / Digital Sound Technology / Sound Composition/ Sampling / Production / Editing / Mixing

Production Services

Includes everything from radio spots / video shooting / recording / editing sound / providing original soundtracks for films, commercials and videos / short film production and more.

Our corporate services are:
– Trailers and promos
– Event highlights
– Conference filming