pickNart is an innovative program which aims at introducing small children to the arts of music, theater, and movement/dance. It provides a propaedeutic in music-theater-dance, which, through the creative activities of the small children, allows them to unfold their talent, to experiment, to coordinate their movements, and to socialize.

Through play children learn the various kinds of music, become familiar with civilizations and the sounds of nature, and create their own stories and fairytales. They get acquainted with musical instruments, which children learn to recognize not only visually but also auditorily.

Through theatrical play, narration, improvisation, and puppet theater, children gain a lot of traits that will help them in their future lives, such as self-confidence, discipline, creativity, imagination, and ability for successful communication.

The youngest age in which a child can begin the pickNart program is three years-old and the oldest age is six years-old. The children’s placement depends, of course, on the maturity of the children, as they have to be able to understand some subjects that grown-ups consider simple.

Lessons take place once a week and the content of teaching varies, depending on the period and the level (jungle/farm animals, princesses, Indians, etc.). The majority of the songs used are compositions of the director of the program, who aims at their full adaptation to the theme of the lesson and the level of the class.

After they acquire the approval of their parents, children participate in recordings and videoclips of children songs.

The program consists of three different levels.


pre-School class

( 3 to 5 years old )

(5 to 6 years old)

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