The musicNart School is one of the biggest schools of music, theater, dance and musical in Cyprus. It was created in 2011 by Nefi Kleitou, who wanted to achieve a big and serious change in the area of artistic education.

The presence of a team of musicians, actors, theater specialists and dancers for the needs of the various arts in the School enables teaching in a holistic spirit, with a unique combination of theory and artistic action.

The School offers teaching of the highest quality in purposefully designed rooms. Modules of music, theater, dance and musical are offered to students of all ages for leisure or future studies. We offer students certified exams (this applies to all classes), preparation for university entrance exams, as well as participation to shows and competitions.

All children/students have the opportunity to participate in a trial lesson for FREE before they decide to study with us. In no way this trial lesson creates any obligation to the parents or to the students in relation to the School. Fee discounts are given to students who attend more than one module, to students who have siblings in the School, as well as to students coming from families with many children.

Recognizing the fact that each child is unique, and respecting the personal wishes of the students, the School promotes teaching in a creative environment, giving emphasis on the social, emotional and spiritual development of each child.

Our mission is to equip artists of any age with active and creative minds, give them the opportunity to be involved practically in creative activity, and prepare them for tertiary education.

Our Facilities