Getting acquainted with theater can be a lot of fun, without, of course, this to mean that one must end up becoming an actor or a theater specialist. Exploring this exciting art from an early age can lead our little stars to develop their own spark. It may be that the history of theater is a huge one, since its roots are found in ancient Greece and in particular in ancient drama, yet the school reassures everyone that the students will both have fun and study hard, they will both get tired and be rewarded, and they will both cry and laugh.

“The mission of the theatre, after all, is to change, to raise the consciousness of people to their human possibilities.”

Group lessons can affect students only positively. Through collaboration and teamwork, students are challenged to play various roles, reflect on their character, acquire empathy, self-confidence, concentration, and tolerance, and at the same enrich their knowledge and vocabulary.

The theater modules have, in principle, the form of group activities and their content is delivered both in Greek and in English (advanced level). 

Group modules are divided into three classes based on age and level:

Beginners (6-11 years-old)
Intermediate (12-15 years-old)
Advanced (16-18 years-old)

Besides group lessons, we offer in addition individual lessons aimed at preparing students for their admission into the drama schools of Cyprus and Greece, as well as into other drama schools abroad.

All the theater modules prepare for participation in performances and recognized exams and competitions.