Musical theater is perhaps the most interesting form of theater, a form that since the beginning of the 20th century is also called simply ‘musical’.

A form that combines and unites dialogue, performance, music, song and dance. It never tires, for its basic characteristics are imagination, inspiration and creativity.

MusicNart looks forward to discovering new talents and to preparing them expressively, vocally and physically for great moments that will shape unforgettable experiences.

Modules focus on the arts of theater and dance, but also the art of singing. Theater studies cover issues of performance, expression and posture on the stage. Dance studies cover all kinds of dance, such as jazz, tap, ballet, as well as modern dance. Vocals are developed by means of a variety of exercises and through practicing a number of musical pieces taken from well-known musicals.

The Department of Musical Theater offers both group and individual lessons. Group lessons prepare the students for presentations, shows and exams. Individual lessons prepare students for university entrance exams.

The classes in the Department are formed based on the level and age of the students, as shown below:





(6-8 years old)
(9-11 years old)
(12-15 years old)
(16-18 years old)
In the last ten years the Department of Musical Theater has achieved perfect success in the exams and numerous of its graduates are already studying in universities abroad.