Nefi Kleitou Avraam

Director / Piano instructor
Nefi Kleitou Avraam, having obtained degrees from the Charles University in Prague, the University of Liverpool and the Open University in London, feels that it is time for a great and serious change in the field of musical education, for the benefit of both younger but also older ‘children’. She is yet another case of an artist with many ideas and imagination, who likes to expand her knowledge and evolve her art. She trusts that everyone is a talent; we just need the right people by our side, who will acknowledge that inner talent and nurture it! In addition, she firmly believes that all children have wings but the teachers are the ones who teach them how to fly. Music, theatre and musicals are her greatest passions and this is the reason why her school focuses on these three areas. She aims to pass on her knowledge by giving piano lessons, as well as through the dissemination of knowledge concerning the theoretical part of the sizeable field of musicology.  She does not aspire to look like anyone, does not have any idols, and just wants to provide you with the right stimuli and teach you how to fly