I had been a student at musicNart for 4 years, and I can surely say that without these 4 years of preparation and training, I wouldn’t achieve my goal which was musical theatre studies at UK. musicNart gave me the opportunity to discover my abilities and believe in me as I had the right people by my side to raise me up when I was down. Thank you for being the beginning of my beautiful journey. You are still my second family.



When I first set foot at MusicNart I was still a High School student, young and naive and not sure of what life had for me ahead. This was 9 years ago. But all this changed when the most wonderful teachers/friends took over me at musicNart. They stood next to me in all the difficulties I had to face during these hard decisions I had to make for my future. They fought with me until the end and made my dream come true. We finally made it. I finished my Drama Studies in 2018 at Drama school of Vasilis Diamantopoullos (Iasmos) in Athens with success. All because of musicNart, I managed to study, have confidence of myself and move ahead



During these years that I was studying in musicNart I learned so much about the musical theatre and drama and at the same time I got better in acting. My teachers were great and supportive and I had a wonderful time within our lesson. It was a pleasure studying there and I’m really grateful that I got to meet what musical and Greek drama are all about!



“musicNart has offered me not only a grade 8 piano diploma thanks to my great teacher and director of the school Nefi Kleitou, but also a wide range of opportunities and experiences that I will never forget! Even though I have graduated from school, musicNart continues to give me the chance to get involved in its various activities and participate in its events, having in this way, a continuous relation with the world of music and creativity”



I joined musicNart on September 2013 after a friend’s recommendation. With prior music experience and having already taken music lessons in two other music schools, I confess that I was never satisfied with the music tuition I got, and I felt like I was wasting my time. With musicNart it was different. I felt welcomed since day one when. I have had 3 amazing years at musicNart, learning and taking part in musicals, music videos and many other activities. Since then I got my grade 8 in plectrum guitar from Trinity and managed to secure a place at Newcastle University for the degree of Music BA (Hons). I have now successfully completed my degree and should be graduating very soon. I would like to thank Nefi for their help and support and I would also like to encourage anyone interested in music to consider musicNart for their instrument tuition, as they have a lot to learn and experience.



At the musicNart school, a friendly and joyful atmosphere is created between the teachers and students, where the teachers join their experience and knowledge based on the art they teach, to offer to their students every time the best possible lesson they can give. The school offers lessons that are included on the following categories: Music, Drama, Dance and Musical Theater. The chance of participating in different competitions, is given to the students of the school. The amazing shows, prove to everyone that hard work pays off since the results fill the theaters!